A project to get the river flowing

Broken record: For the longest time I’ve been conflicted with writing/publishing with abandon. While I feel like I would REALLY benefit from this and overall it would be a good experience, I have been concerned with quality. I am consumed by many ghosts, many reoccurring thoughts. When I try to come back to the things I’ve wrote about them, it is common for me to be embarrassed by what took place. I find that okay yet I know it isn’t. I feel as though to react that way is to be too harsh on myself, too unforgiving as I deny a part of me. I am ashamed of that part but it is very real and very okay. I guess..

So to help break this stigma, I will come out to my audience and say anything with the title beginning with “[PT]” will be apart of the passing thoughts project, where I just publish those pieces of emotional/mental overflow that may not present in a refined state. It is essentially my way of calming my nerves because I’ll convince myself that, “hey, they now these are just fleeting thoughts…life’s complicated.” And I will be okay with this. Maybe not at first but with time.

Plus, Future Me, if you want to be all serious and stuff, you can start a new blog. If you can’t be honest here, where can you?


To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

To hurt people, to kill people, savages and enraged mobs use STICKS AND STONES. For leaders, to order the death of thousands, they use WORDS. Yes, sticks and stones may break my bones but words can be fatal.

Wanted to try the video post feature as well as help in any way I can to get this video or rather Koyczan’s message exposure. Even though it’s not original work, I figured it could at least make an appearance here, for now. Not really comfortable with that fact though. Oh well.