A project to get the river flowing

Broken record: For the longest time I’ve been conflicted with writing/publishing with abandon. While I feel like I would REALLY benefit from this and overall it would be a good experience, I have been concerned with quality. I am consumed by many ghosts, many reoccurring thoughts. When I try to come back to the things I’ve wrote about them, it is common for me to be embarrassed by what took place. I find that okay yet I know it isn’t. I feel as though to react that way is to be too harsh on myself, too unforgiving as I deny a part of me. I am ashamed of that part but it is very real and very okay. I guess..

So to help break this stigma, I will come out to my audience and say anything with the title beginning with “[PT]” will be apart of the passing thoughts project, where I just publish those pieces of emotional/mental overflow that may not present in a refined state. It is essentially my way of calming my nerves because I’ll convince myself that, “hey, they now these are just fleeting thoughts…life’s complicated.” And I will be okay with this. Maybe not at first but with time.

Plus, Future Me, if you want to be all serious and stuff, you can start a new blog. If you can’t be honest here, where can you?