I didn’t get it.

So the idea is that you thought you had something but it turns out you don’t and that evokes sadness. Or maybe it can be better described that you thought you might “get” something but it turns out you won’t actually “get” it. It’s a vague concept I know but it’s suppose to be. This type of situation happens a lot in life for people when…they get ahead of themselves. They don’t stay practically planted in the present and set themselves up so that they may not be able to just accept whatever becomes of the future (this is where sadness is evoked, they didn’t have the mindset to just let it roll off their backs). That sadness usually leads to a twist in perspective rather than allowing them to see that they still “have” something from the endeavor, it just didn’t turn out the way they had fantasized it should have.

So..you take this concept and you start coloring it in with the different shades of life, right? You take someone betting on getting hired or maybe a promotion. Go a little deeper and you’ll have someone who’s hoping to finally find some security, some footing and foundation. Maybe you think you finally got it, you finally have the perfect homage, your magnum ops, the great American something! And then it’s gone or it isn’t received well and you’re absolutely floored. You’re sore, baffled, and teary-eyed. Maybe you thought you were going to get the girl, get the boy. Maybe you thought you were going to finally succeed this time. And then you don’t. But that temporary defeat strikes so close to home for some reason that you’re overtaken with sorrow and you lose sight. You forget that you must continuously struggle to get where you want to be for that is progress. You forget to embrace your very human ability to brush things off. You forget that every experience can teach you something, and to not repeat this experience, you must learn from it. If you really care, about yourself and other people, you need to be receptive to the experiences and be ready to learn when it’s time to. You must not shut yourself down because of the sting of temporary defeat, not for the sting of the unknown remaining unknown because whatever it is, it’s still out there. Maybe waiting, maybe even seeking you out…but for sure, it’s out there. The future still holds many possibilities, one doesn’t have to give up. You just have to keep going otherwise tomorrow will never become today.

And to be completely honest..I’m starting to think we’ll never get there. And that’s not a bad thing. That they’re right when they say happiness is a matter of traveling, not arriving. Maybe one day I’ll learn to accept, believe, and have faith in these thoughts for I lose sight as well as lose track very often. I guess that just means I need to time to look longer, to look harder.


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